Nickel n Dime Design

The Website Guide

Early on the internet websites were hard to create. They were expensive, and things were all confusing. Now it’s easy to have a website, but things are no less confusing. Affiliate marketing makes it hard to tell if a web host or content management system is any good.

Online marketing agencies may be able to help you, but they can be expensive. When people contact us for an SEO company we normally send them to Push ROI because we know they are an honest, and quality agency. But an ad agency isn’t for everyone, as some sell what they cannot deliver, like some kind of fake guru.

For over 15 years Nickel N Dime Design was a website design shop. Now our goal is to help you see past the clutter of online marketing, and learn the best way to get a website. From honest hosting reviews without afflicting commission to step-by-step instructions on optimizing WordPress. We want the information to be free.

We will create and aggregate free guides to help make the internet home for everyone. It’s time to help people get a home one line outside of Facebook, and Twitter.

Here are a few guides to help you find a home on the web.