Spring Free EV, Founded By Former Side Car CEO, Sunil Paul Breaches Contracts

Sunil Paul whose Wikipedia says he’s “an Internet entrepreneur who has founded companies such as Brightmail and Freeloader, Inc. He was the co-founder and CEO of Sidecar, an on-demand peer-to-peer taxi service that was billed as a rideshare community with operations based in San Francisco, CA.” just ignores contracts after signing apparently.

In a very long blog post on an ad agency’s website, you get the exact explanation of how openly and willfully Sunil Paul is willing to disregard contracts. In the post with a lot of screenshots it’s made clear that after a lot of back and forth negotiation between Spring Free EV and ad agency Push ROI, Sunil Paul signed a contract.

Screenshot after screenshot shows Spring Free EV demanding post signing modifications to the contract, or refusing to honor that agreement. Push ROI describes Spring Free EV hiding behind lawyers who refused to attempt negotiations of a settlement or pay the amount they contractually owe.

Push ROI states they feel Spring Free EV would even go so far as defying a judgment by hiding assets. If this is how Sunil Paul acts, we can all hope his startup fails quickly.

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