Google Is A Search Engine For Finding Google’s Stuff

If you go to and use the search bar you are searching the content on Tech Crunch. If you go to it is more or less the same thing. Over 50% of Google searches do not lead people to click web pages that are not owned by Google. No shock, as over 41% of the first page of Google search results on average are taken up by Google properties (Maps, knowledge boxes, Google news pages and cached AMPs).

Google seems to have really shifted from the original goal; indexing the web towards helping people find google’s stuff. Ads are also part of the decline in people finding non Google things from Google searches. And we all understand Google should be able to make money from PPC advertising. But this all roads lead to Google thing is really strangling the web.

SEO spammers may have made google search suck, but making online search basically all PPC advertising from Dallas to Yonkers seems bad. Hopefully search engines like Bing, and DuckDuckGo will start taking up more market share. Because Google is not going to stop taking over Google, so someone needs to save the web.

Play Bigger isn’t a good marketing book, as someone pointed out, “Bing, could be a non-successful search engine, or the first ever ‘decision engine’, dominating the space it is in with 100% market share. DuckDuckGo, a profitable but small company, could be called a failed search engine, or the dominant player in privacy-conscious search. I could category define all day, and crown nearly any company a ‘category king’.”

We don’t need more categories, we need more players in search. We need SEO agencies to be forced to think about rankings on more than one search engine. As consumers this is what we need. I don’t want to see big tech broke I want to see big tech competitive.

Google isn’t the only player, but when it’s taking over the market, forcing people to use Googles tech, and a comfortable player in DNS, and web hosting. Google has used the size to kill startups that could compete with them in many ares. Google something like “Denver dinner”. Google maps outranks companies like Yelp, and Trip advisor. If Google maps didn’t exist, people would possibly just use sites like the ones I mention. Google already sucked the traffic away from yelp by sealing yelps content in displaying in a cached result on search pages.

Yelp is not a flawless company. They suck. But at least Yelp cannot put the internet into a strangle hold. Google is search, Google is web browsing, and over half of phones! Yelp has some power over business, and yelp abuses that power. Companies selling Southlake Botox or New York pizza must deal with Yelp’s questionably ethical business practices. But we must all deal with Google.

Google is letting AMPs die after forcing them on everyone. Google is charging for photo backups, after killing everyone in the space by making hosting free.

Bing and yelp may suck, but by being small they are not going to hurt much. If most sites were kicked out of bing, they would be fine. if they were moved a page back in Google they may die.

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